Conscientious Objectors and Medical Research

Have you ever been a test subject for a medical study? 

One man from Buhler, Kansas has and he’s shared his story with author Jim Potter. Learn more in this interview with Mo Yoder, a Buhler, Kansas resident who agreed to be a research subject during the Vietnam War. 

Here’s an excerpt from Jim’s Blog:

When I first learned that Mo Yoder, Buhler, Kansas, had been a research subject involved in testing by the military during the Vietnam War, I had a bad feeling.

That’s because I recalled hearing stories of soldiers unknowingly being used as human guinea pigs while experiments were done on them testing hallucinogenic drugs.

I shuddered at the thought, but I wanted to talk to him about his experience.

Mo graciously agreed to be interviewed about his one and one-half year adventure that took place during 1964-65 while he and other conscientious objectors (COs) were research subjects at the US Army Medical Research and Nutrition Laboratory, Fitzsimons General Hospital, in Denver, Colorado.

Read the rest of Mo Yoder’s Story here:

Mo Yoder 1962-1963 

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